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Footprints in the Windsm # 1110–Sensing the tug

Footprints in the Windsm # 1110

In our daily separate rounds
Can we notice the drawing together
Reminding us of our common walk
In the face of our anger and fear
Sensing the tug of a string-work between us
Woven through customer rival & friend
In times with lover child & dog
But one life there is & this we all live?

Please pass it on.

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With is more your name

What is your voice? I am hearing the music of the spheres and the sound of still hush and the humming of mother to infant as your true voice. I am seeing Jesus the babe and Jesus the crucified as being your true picture, Immanuel with us, immanent God, walking and hugging and calling us to walk and hug by you. With is more your name than many others I can think of. With.

:- Doug.

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Drama needs conflict. Does life?

A question last night: Drama needs conflict. But does life? Is stretching closer to the truth? Is pressure a better word? Interesting that they have opposite pictures, accordion-like. Maybe we need both pressure and stretching. Conflict can be the conduit for them, but what we really need is to stretch and to be under pressure to stretch, to move. Let’s let this percolate a bit.

:- Doug.

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