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Footprints in the Wind sm # 785

Footprints in the Windsm # 785

Do you see the pond, or do you see the fog drifting across the surface, too? Do you see the person, or do you see what is drifting across their surface, too?

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What is Heaven like?

Once in a while someone asks What is Heaven like? and quickly the question is put aside as infantile, or dabbling in what can never be known this side of death. Yet it can be a serious question. What’s a Heaven for? the poet Robert Browning more states than asks: it is for reaching beyond our grasp.

If the job here and now is healing the world, establishing G?d’s domain, what is the task beyond this world, when we all see we are one, when we see G?d face to face, when G?d’s domain is visible? What is our task there? Perhaps, catching glimpse of that, we will begin here and now. Perhaps we would see that we have begun here and now.

If we are G?d’s friends, what does it look like here and now—and in Heaven—for us to befriend G?d? G?d is alive, moving, meeting us, getting in our faces. So why would we expect G?d face to face to be different? In Heaven then, will G?d get in our faces, encourage us to be creative and compassionate as G?d is, ask us to do?

:- Doug.

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Questions of ultimate concerns

Protestants shun questions about ultimate concerns. They cut short inquiry by saying Believe and you will be saved! Implied is Don’t ask me any more. That of course brings up the question, Saved for what? What is your ultimate concern?

Is your ultimate concern purely personal: that you will not be annihilated or tortured? Or is it for all of humanity (for God so loved the world)? And is it beyond the double negative (not torture), toward something positive, like growth and love and creativity?

:- Doug.

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tales the silence

There are tales the silence tells….

:- Doug.

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