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What is this emergence?

To our good friends–

What is this emergence? What is going on? It is not pure reaction, caroms. Caroms leave the people the same. Nor is it the workings of catalysts, for the agent is changed too.

We must then examine the possibility that it is the work of fields. There are fields of energy around each person, not as the new agers would have it, but simply the area of influence of a person’s physical swing, emotional throw, imaginative appeal. There is some potential there, some possibility within that field. When the fields meet, they play, they commiserate, they do all things human. And is it possible that the field comes first, the person is the emanation of the field, rather than the other way round? This is difficult to conceive, yet possible, for how could a chicken be contained in an egg?

Consider a man and a woman coming together. She brings an egg, he sperm. Neither bring the child (or for that matter the no child) into the room, but one could come out. Note this: the child is not just the combination of traits of each of them, but each one is someone who is different from the parents. Ask any parents of two or more: each child is different—significantly—from his or her siblings. There are so many possibilities; chance plays a role. Planck’s constant. Something more comes into the room that neither one brought in. We can predict that there may be a baby, but we can never predict who. And what will she do? We can only stand and wait curiously.

So there is something that happens in life. Do we need to name it? If we name it, we think we control it. We have a handle for it, and that makes us comfortable. But perhaps when we take hold, it now has a handle on us. Does it matter which? Is the pooch walking you?

There is something that happens in life, so we ought to accept it. Perhaps we can make ready for it: not just to welcome, but to invite.

What is this emergence? Have we found out anything? We have found out that it is there and that we might be in it. We are not victims but actors, not actors only but writers. There are seven billion of us actively writing and acting in this play at this moment. We have protagonist and antagonist roles. We are in emergence and inviters and creators.

:- Doug.

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Do you have all the answers?

Do you have all the answers?
So perhaps you could build your world
on the proposition that you do not—
Then is more possible?

:- Doug.

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To live is response

To live is

:- Doug.

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