What is deeper?

What is deeper? I asked a lady in my dreams. I don’t recall her answer–she was not quite as lost for words as most people at that question–but here is where my wisps of memory seem to point me: Deeper means a deeper well or pool in the person, not always the whole person, but a portal to the whole. It might be wide not deep. It touches essence. Or is touched by it. We reach bone and beyond that, marrow: the soft spot that grows the hard, strong exterior.

The soft spot that grows the hard strong exterior: accept the opening line! The hard strong exterior can become brittle and kill the soft growing creative interior with it. We must ever supply blood and food and life to it or risk death by brittleness. What shall we risk: life or brittleness? This is our only choice. Shall we risk meeting strangers, being friends ourselves, or shall we risk the hard shell of separation from the rest of ourselves?

So we have two metaphors, pregnancy and marrow. Both speak of the small soft vulnerable thing that brings the miracle of strength and the flash of life. Pregnancy is not for the weak, but it can happen to us all. Marrow is in each of us. So too is strength. That strength comes from bringing together hardness and softness, light and dark, thrusting and receiving.

What have I learned? What has been learned? Many lessons are offered each day, the curriculum is broad, the intercourse is sweet and intimate: do I accept? Do I thrust?

:- Doug.

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