Weird conversation

One of the people here is having a weird telephone conversation. She just got off it, somebody trying to give her a “grant,” asking her for her bank and routing number and similar things. The person on the other side knew her home address. How people prey upon others, thinking they are getting ahead of “the game.”

They cannot get ahead, they are only putting themselves behind. Crime carries its own punishment, somehow. If only in a vague unclean feeling, or in dealing with shadowy people who will not have honor among thieves. Too bad for this lady on the other side. Lord, help them.

G-d it seems to me you are much more home-spun than we have made you out to be. The punishment is built in to the crime, the love into the suffering. It does not all even out, but goes upward: there is the hope of improvement, there is the built in desire to have each other do better. Some people have missed the import, or subverted it, but that is bound to happen, and gives the vast numbers of the peoples something to work on. G-d is a doting grandmother, unable to keep her grandchildren from the scrapes and bruises of growing up and out into the world, but there to kiss and hug and encourage in the bigger things.

:- Doug.

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