Just to shake it up

I must not dwell on any pain, but move on to what is possible, what good can be made. All things work together for good for those who are willing to work toward the good.

This is a way of saying that I am feeling free, since reading Funk’s Honest to Jesus, to say, as Jesus said, You have heard it said of old…but I say to you…. We do need to shake up our thinking, just to shake it up occasionally, so that we make sure we are seeing what is.

Lord, we cannot shake up you in doing so. We can ourselves be shaken and when done by you that is good, no matter how it might feel. You are not angered by such, but loving. We may provoke your love, but your wrath is not at all likely. You want us to know what is, because what is is you.

:- Doug.

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