tough questions

This morning’s romp and glimpse about Kingdom of G*d has led me to this: What might be fun would be to ask people What the Kingdom of G-d means to them.

What would it look like to institute it on earth here and now?

Do you feel that is your duty—to make that heaven on earth now?

Why does that feel like an hypothetical question to you, and not one which is on fire for you? What would make it on fire for you?

What can we do, here and now?

What would a year of jubilee mean to our society, if we actually took it seriously?

What would it mean to seek first this kin-dom and let everything else go? What does Bucky’s 50 year experiment teach us? Can we throw down our lives for all of humanity and see? Am I willing to throw down mine? And what of the people who depend upon me? Could I convince them to come along, like Abraham had to with his entourage?

Lord, tough questions you are giving me today, dangerous and exciting. Help me to address you.

:- Doug.

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