Footprints in the Wind sm # 652

Footprints in the Windsm # 652

Let us write a new Bible. Every year. Let us tell tales of men and women hearing the voice of G*d, leaving their lives to go on pilgrimages at any age; let us prophesy and turn our lives into object lessons; let us sing new songs and write grand flowing poetry; let us write letters to uplift each other, memorable letters to speak to generations; let us listen from the heart to others, daring to quietly share our vulnerabilities; let us tell our visions and revelations. Let us write not with pen and ink, but with lives afire. Save us for our living response to the Word wind-whispered to us by a G*d truly met, from being wizened men and women whose stiff fingers turn delicate pages seeking to divine small lessons for shriveling lives. Our Bible is living; we are its breath. Our story is its story. Let us dare to meet this G*d who dares to listen to us, let us respond by casting our lives into the mix, let us write the next page.

Please pass it on.

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