Might there be another way?

One way to meet the problem of violence and anger and terrorism in the world is to meet it head on. Butt heads in some way or other. Kill it. Drop bombs on it. Imprison it. Push on it more than it can push back. Overwhelm it. Smother.

Another might be to get to work. Invest sweat not blood. Find ways to meet the violent, angry and terror laden persons and engage them in something constructive that meets their needs. (Do you suppose they like terror for itself? More likely, do they think it will get them something they need for life—food, money, power?) Help them outgrow the problem that led to their suffering. It may be costly for us. It might mean we have to invest lives—rather than throw them away; we might have to meet people—rather than blow them up; we might have to spend millions on feeding these workers and their families—rather than billions on armaments.

Or might there be another way? What does experience tell us works?

:- Doug.

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