If we take care of each other

To our good friends–

We have a world of free-floating anger. We have many angry young men and women. They do not have constructive things to do (although much needs to be done), and they are held back, they feel frustrated. Wow, how money is part of all this! Our currency system, based in scarcity and control and limitation, feeds this anger. If we could find a way to all get busy, there would be ample good work to do (there already is) and people would be fed, soul and body. If we take care of each other, we would take care of each other. What the economy of money provides is the luxuries, seldom the essentials of life. If we were all friends, we could see a need and meet it. Your house burned down? Then we have a house-raising, we cut some trees, and build it. You do not have anything to eat? Here, I have some. You want to help out? Here, there is something needing your special talents. The place for money is to allow us, like e-mail lists, to have asynchronous conversation, and especially impersonal exchange of goods and services. As it developed our money encouraged the impersonal nature of our interchanges. Today the servant has become the monster which threatens to become our master. Yet we cannot go back to the old days because most of our backyard forests have already been cut. So we have to invent new ways to get the jobs done, keeping in mind that scarcity of money does not mean scarcity of heart to get the job done, nor resources for the task.

:- Doug.

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