Making human sized spaces

To our good friends–

On the way back from a meeting today I saw people sitting outside taking a break from their factory work. There were two picnic tables with people at them, set between two concrete block buildings, overlooking where the buildings were connected in back, with barely enough width of opening for the two tables, one behind the other. All concrete, underfoot, on three sides, up to higher than one story. A very inhuman space. There may have been a couple of weeds thereā€”I did not catch a full picture as I drove past.

I thought, it would be good if there were a crew who went around and made spaces more human sized. Perhaps to this space they could bring some planters and dirt and plants. Maybe some toys, too. Some roundness and softness. Some water, perhaps even to wash in or splash about.

Would that be a good thing?! How could we get people a living from providing life for others? Perhaps that would be good stuff for the homeless shelter to give people to do, to turn their minds around from themselves to others, to get them thinking what is healthy and life-enhancing and how can we bring it to others. They could be paid something (perhaps in our local currency), if only in the form of a place to stay and sort out their lives. But the main work would be to go around to places and see how people live and work and see what is really life enhancing.

Then go and bring their learnings to others to help them enhance life, and in the process their own, starting with how they see the world and themselves in it.

:- Doug.

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