At the opening is the gathering point

At the opening is the gathering point. The universal is the existence of which we are all a part, the most real, G*d. So it seems that all things, people and beings converge at the place where they open out the widest.

Now that changes the picture a lot: we see that where we are the same, connected and one is our larger selves, it is our open sides, not our closed off, smaller, pointier selves. We are gathered where we are larger, we are gathered where we spread out in the wide open spaces, where there is room to spread out and be different, and the differences amount not to divergencies but acceptancies, things to celebrate. The more different we are, the more the same we are. For one thing, we all have the desire to be all that we can and to use to the fullest our individual specialness.

We are all unique in our specialness, but the same in that we have a specialness. So we celebrate and make room.

:- Doug.

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