Our interconnections are growing larger filaments, with fingers, entangling with many more each day that than the day before. We need to engage many brains to deal with today’s inter-filamenting. A one person answer is part, two dimensional in a colored, eleven-dimensional world.

The filaments: there are hairs and branches on the filaments, and filaments on the filaments and branches. They grow longer minute by minute and entangle and keep growing out, reaching out, reaching out, touching, bumping, turning, twisting, locking and moving on. This is us, this is us, and we can no longer separate without losing our selves. Our selves are others, parts with others, pieces in here, pieces in there: where is here? where is there? Complex, plaited, interwoven, so that no one brain, infinite as it is, can contain it all, see its patterns. We need more than one brain. We need especially the people, not just the leaders. What brazenness you have to declare you have no important work to do! Every one. Every. One. There are no little people. There are no more equal, more important. Every. One.

:- Doug.

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