Dialogue is sacrifice

Dialogue is not something two separates do at the same time in the same room and somehow clang into each other in the process: it is something that involves sacrifice and loss of boundaries and loss of certainty.

Come more deeply to know that when people are conversing they may even cease to exist as separates, at least in space-time, as the new being-meeting comes into existence.

This is a new thing as well: our being-meeting. It is not thing so much as dynamic. It is flow and intercourse with no separate existence, and dissolves the “individuals” into itself. It is like a catalyst, but does not cause reaction so much as loss of division without loss of differentiation and distinction. The persons are facing each other, sparking off each other, rubbing against each other, opposing each other, flowing into each other. They become more different as they combine. It is more mingling than blending, more mixture than solution. Each becomes more distinct, but each changes. Maybe they change toward each other, maybe away.

:- Doug.

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