Footprints in the Windsm # 1230–Your life shall be thrown away

Footprints in the Windsm # 1230

We make this world: we have responsibility. We do not determine its outcome, but we affect its direction. We must choose direction; no, there is no must, there is only responsibility for what we do. Do we help things along or hinder? Is there a middle path? Dead weight is hindrance. There is however dread choice: do we mobilize, do we surpass? This then makes it clear there is no middle path: lying on our couch or doing only what our forbears did is not meeting our responsibility: mobilize! Surpass!

And the greater of these is to mobilize. We cannot be assured that we will surpass, but we can assure that we get going—ourselves.

So meet. Meet ourselves. Turn to and meet those next to you. Meet your divinity. Mobilize! Throw your whole life at life!

Mobilize toward what? Toward the music, the poetry, the light and rhythm in each, in all. (Music, poetry, light, rhythm are all synonyms for, pieces of, divinity. Let us remember!)

Assault! Open worlds! Open hearts, eyes, minds! WEave! Sing, Brother, dance, Sister! Mobilize! Make the world life sing!

See the new, take in the wonder, hear the song, then mobilize it! Throw your life away on this, for it shall be thrown away in all events! Throw our life away!

Please pass it on.

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