Yes! We must go beyond where our thoughts have taken us. When someone says we need to shut down certain populations and certain imaginations, then do not say No but to say Yes! Yes! We must get the ideas we have and put them to work and we must encourage the gifts of all the people.

We have tried that before: Yes! And we must keep trying it till we get it not right, but best! Till we get all the good out of it that we know is there and the surprise good that we did not expect. Good arises. Good emerges from the whole.

These clients don’t know what is best for them: Yes! And they do not know what will not work! So they are not held back by what would hold us back: they have a clean slate!

Those other people will try to steal the money away from us: Yes! And will you try to steal it from them? You want what is best for these people we are all serving, and so do I and so do the other people, or they would not be in this work like you. We have all come here to work on a better way. So Yes, we need to give it a chance!

This will take too long: Yes! And so will not hearing all the voices, for they will nag us for years to come. It is worth a few days to get everyone heard, everyone into the mix, all the ideas in front of us, for we have a supermarket full of imaginations and ideas and we do not want to check out with empty calories when we could have had a satisfying meal.

That cannot work: Yes! That is what many people in many situations have said too: and they were proved right by all the new work that got done. One person told me: “I didn’t see how this could be doing work, but I am getting work done here!”

So the formula is, whatever they say, say Yes! Then go on from there.

:- Doug.

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