Working on the world and letting the world work on us

Meet life: not to control and not to let it control me, but to meet as one does a dear friend: lovingly, acceptingly, and giving my all, standing up to him or her when I see a better way, standing up as my gift, my invitation, not demanding: giving.

In the flow state, one is one with the working the doing, and in the flow of life, that would be the same. The work is working the worker as the worker is working it.

This is the meeting on the narrow ridge: where one is at once giving and receiving.

This then is our stance with the world: accept its invitations, share our own, with no thought getting in the way, simply being one with the work, working the work, being worked by the work.

This is our great work: to meet the cosmos. This is our world work, our cosmic work. Cosmic conversation: we are working on the world at the same time we are letting life flow through us.

:- Doug.

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