Winning meetings

Why do we think we are in competition when we are in meetings? Why do we think we must win and another lose? It need not be that way, and in fact the only way to progress is to break out of that thinking. This then is the challenge of group work: to break out of the shell of competitive thinking into group cohesiveness, and more than cohesiveness, an explicit group intention of creating new people.

Of course the why is I-It thinking: insular ways of looking upon the world from outside. The way is to jump to the inside: mix it up, consciously realizing, consenting, and intending that we will come out changed. So the How and the Why, the way and the intention, are identical: changing us.

This takes faith that who comes out will be better than who goes in. It will not always be so, of necessity. Or more precisely, we may not think it is so every time as we come out. We may feel we lost, and therefore lost something of ourselves. We may feel bruised—we are. We may seek to disengage. But if we keep meeting, if we keep standing up for truth in the face of others standing up for their truth, growth and life and imagination comes out. This is the faith we need.

:- Doug.

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