Why should we want to consciously evovle?

Why should we want to consciously evolve? As I thought about this late last night, I thought it a response to 2 poles: hubris and humility. Hubris in that we think we cannot improve our species; humility in that we are reluctant to try. Also, that it is necessary for the good of our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Is there more here? What does it mean, grandchildren’s grandchildren’s good? That is too far off to imagine—and a seventh generation beside! What of our grandchildren? What can we do to make it better for them?

Do we do well to make life better for a later generation? Do we not have plenty of illness and injustice and forgotten ones in our own time? Does not changing ourselves lead to changing future generations—they see what works, they learn to meet?

But if we keep these people in mind, lovingly, do we not give meaning to our days? Is that then what this is about—a way to give meaning to our days? Are not there other ways? Of course. But do these not all point to the redemption of creation? Toward making whole?

For me it is the grey cloth and the ripping of it, the making poke holes, gentle little ways to say, This is the way, let it out, let it out! What is it? G-d.

It is wholeness then, fullness, completeness. That is what it means to me to consciously evolve. Why consciously evolve? To get beyond hubris and humility to wholeness, fullness, completeness: to G*d.

:- Doug.

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