Footprints in the Windsm # 892

Footprints in the Windsm # 892

True meeting requires spontaneity, actually meeting, willingly accepting who and what is in front of you and meeting the challenge with what arises.

I saw meeting as a way of life, spontaneously seeing what emerges, curious, loving, excitedly and expectantly watching, waiting, clasping, sending heart forth to heart.

This is an easy way, like telling a child a bedtime story (which is the genesis of my thinking), and being alert for escape routes and new places to go, people and animals to meet, life to greet, flying to enjoy. Stay, play! Explore, but even bigger than explore. Beyond explore. Life is to enjoy beyond explore, to play, to see what is possible!

I am saddened when people do not want to come out and play. What can we make? Is that all? Is there more? There is always more! With people there is always more, for we are divinely creative. Yes?

Invite play.

Come out and play! Come and play! Come play! Play!

Here is a bridge, there a cloud, the shade of a tree, the lapping of water, a hole in the ground. Here is story, our story, a larger story. Here are the makings! It is safe. It is home. It is ours to create!

Wow! Life is about playing! Who woulda thunkt?

Please pass it on.

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