Who then is the human?

Who is G*d? To the imagination G*d is not mystery but fully released imagination. Who then is the human? What are the elements of the imagination we call mystery? Breakthrough, peer to peer, emergence, birthing persons, initiative, more persons looking, more persons choosing direction, co discovery, distributed responsibility, knowledge owned by the whole, knowledge generated by the whole, yes invented here, realization that we are in control of our lives, common experience, more eyes, exploring assumptions, more patterns seen, co-leadership emerges organically, larger patterns seen, previously unheard voices are heard, people become more effective, the people unfold, the species unfolds, embracing of differences as valuable, more flexibility, a realization that we are part of something larger than us, contribution, people knowing best, wisdom is co-created, complexity demands an integration of many minds—a larger mind, direction finding, aberration reducing, creativity, betweens, birthing of persons, larger possibilities, increasing our reach. What else can you think of? Together?

:- Doug.

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