Which unfolding will we choose?

Throughout the sweep of history humans have been developing, coming together, making cities and nations and larger and larger groupings. The move to keep others out is a natural resistance, but not consonant with the path of history which is bringing people together, so is unlikely to prevail.

The resistance however shows that we want to keep our individuality, and in that it is good. The resistance is not logical since it is entirely possible, if we work at it, to honor the diversity and the individuals. This is the work of evolution, unfolding: to unfold in such a way that persons are not smothered but instead released.

It is significant that this resistance be faced and understood, so it can be channeled appropriately and we can get on with our work of growing the world.

From small tribes to larger, to nations and international organizations and alliances, to seeing ourselves as one blue planet: this is the direction of our culturing. This is important to see. Why? Because it shows us the direction of our progress, and seeing allows us to choose. What will we choose? Will we choose to come together (is this not the definition of love?) or will we choose some other unfolding?

:- Doug.

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