What the fundamentalists see

This is the issue that the fundamentalists, among others have: they are stuck in the cycles of time, seeing with dark glasses no way out. And some of us are seeing the apocalypse, not an imposed end of the world, but a work for us to be about. They see the big bang at the end of time, and we see it at the beginning! They see time as having no end, and we see it as ending and eternity remaining. We see a way out and it is our way to choose. Choose life.

We have the cycle of Noah and the Flood. If that is the cycle, it did not work: we are still stuck. Abraham from Ur; Noah and the Flood; David and the Philistines; the exile and the return to a land of sweat not milk and honey; Jesus and death: if this is the limit of our vision, then our vision did not work. God’s vision must be larger. And it must include us, not as dumb driven cattle, but as actively creative Beings.

Read the scriptures, read the world, with fresh eyes, eyes to see what God is up to: a vision. A vision so far as I have seen of a large human body, the body of Christ, diversity in unity, acting on the world, creating a City of God.

:- Doug.

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