What will grab?

Most people don’t want to accomplish, or perhaps more accurately, have given up on their dream of accomplishing something meaningful. There are a few, like Johnny Appleseed and activists of our day, who are actively seeking to improve the world. These are the ones to meet and help.

Still, it is ordinary people whom I wish to inspire to action.

But the issue for me has been finding what it is that will grab people: what are their handles, more accurately, their antennae? People are sensitive underneath all the desensitizing they have done to themselves. They want the higher, the good, the true, the beautiful. Yet we have over centuries allowed our tyrants to rule us and drive the inspiration out of us, unless and until it suited the tyrants!

So it is about taking back our world, taking back more than that: our will to make our own world.

:- Doug.

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