What is our duty?

What is our duty? To bring the world to one. Lost as we are among our muddled chaotic thoughts; conflicted as are our peoples pursuing angry selfish ends; running as we are headlong with increasing speed to the edge of the near abyss: to bring the world to one.

Somehow to stifle not our variegated creativity; to encourage our multitude of colors and cultures; to avoid bland sameness and its loss of hope, even to encourage contention and broad differences: to bring the world to one.

Teilhard’s Omega Point. G*d. Unity. Not some Utopian unity, but a dirty, bloody, heart pumping, muscle applying reality: get in the dirt and get it done, remembering that we are the gods, we are the ones for whom we have been waiting: it is all up to us, and it matters!

Muscle and heart-muscle. Nail and tooth and dream. Mud and sky. Us, together.

What is our duty? To bring the world to one.

:- Doug.

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