What is doing?

What is doing? We are always doing—our cells are dying and regenerating; our organs are digesting, breathing, beating; our synapses are firing; our eyes are taking in photons, our ears waves. Rest is often simply the time another muscle is contracting. Lying on the beach taking in the sun is still a time heart and lungs are busy. So what is doing? Is being simply a pondering of what is out there, that is, an action in here, while doing is an action out there, on others or on things? Being, at least pondering, might be rearranging the pattern of synapses firing—an in here activity. So as a do-be, we are always doing and being, and perhaps what we call doing is a doing out there, and what we call being is a doing in here.

We are ever always weaving and being woven and the larger weaving we call, because we want to call all we experience, G*d. G*d is not separate but part of the weave.

:- Doug.

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