What I am asking of myself

What am I asking? I am asking that I treat myself as an adult person, co-equal with others, not blame myself, not let their implications or my inferences of their sayings lead to guilt feelings on my part. I am asking that I inquire of things if they are true and ask myself if I have overstepped. If I have, make amends quickly and wholly. If I have not, be kind to myself first, and others second, knowing that kindness to others is kindness to me, and kindness to me is kindness to others.

I need to meet me. I need to write my own poetry. I need to meet you. I need to treat myself well, for I am the only me I’ll ever have. I need to kill the me I think I am so that the me I am can be born out into the world. I do not need to forgive myself so much as give myself openness to meet and be who I am. Open me to ever wider understanding than this.

:- Doug.

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