What have I experienced of God?

What have I experienced of G*d?

I have experienced overflowing diversity. I have experienced personal connection. I have experienced the vision of the grey cloth and the rainbow lights. I have experienced my parents on the night of their deaths. I have experienced the love of a woman and of children and of grandchildren. I have experienced the growing of a garden, and all its production and all its disappointments and all its prolific weeds! I have experienced the profundity of connection with others—being heard, hearing—and the frustration of not having my agenda accepted by others. I have experienced, in short, many aspects. G*d cannot be kept in a can.

I have experienced synchronicity and I wonder at that, now more than before. It is not a matter of seeing a puppet master pulling strings to make it all fit, but a matter of wonder how it all does come together without a puppet master, in a much more subtle and nuanced way. I see that there is wonder and mystery here and more to learn, more to do.

:- Doug.

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