What gang members and anti-immigrant people have in common: Naught

The something being done of necessity is good, for destruction is undoing. A negative is a nothing. It is sometimes the work of a shrinking, pain-engulfed ego. To say we are going to work together to do something then makes it clear it is a positive good, not a harm. A harm merely takes away, subtracts, and subtracting is not doing. Ultimately you end up with nothing. Less than nothing is not possible, so to work at harm is to work for nothing. Nothing is left behind, the person is not built up, but torn down, there is no Being to this actor. The Being is the eternal part of the human Doing/Becoming, and if the Doing is nothing, Being is not.

Holding other people at bay, keeping them outside our circle, is the same thing: negativing. We are negativing them, subtracting them from us, and in so doing we are becoming naught.

:- Doug.

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