What finds us:

Words for what we find, or finds us: insight inkling glimpse reflection guess glampse to inkle findling gesture gleam glance glint glimmer glisten tinkling aroma guessling guessing thunder whiff clue earmark hallmark birthmark hint swirl possibility finding findling revealing exploit uncovering uncovery discovery hole poked pokie birthing bringing forth catch invitation. What is interesting is to notice the seeing point of view of many of these. So what would be a clue or a hint in other senses? Cue key tip trace intimation track wind evidence scent sign taste tinge wink wrinkle gather pick up whisper hiss murmur sigh breath drip jot pinch smack speck tincture bit bite dash morsel nip spoonful tinge bouquet perfume savor spice tang trail brush crease fold push shove thrust press weigh gossamer.

:- Doug.

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