We think we might not be valid

To our good friends–

Perhaps meeting is about being real, finding one’s self and others to be. We are never sure that we exist. We think what we think might be invalid. I certainly do. When we seek to keep up with the Joneses or impress them, it is based on this same fear. That all fear is the fear of death might be looking at it wrong side to: the real fear is the fear of never having existed. For having once existed we can go to an eternal death satisfied. Religion could be based upon such a proposition.

We think that we might not be valid. It is in meeting that I find I am real, valid, existing. I find also that there is something more than I: there is a we, and moreover there is a between which is dynamic and static at the same time, coming and staying a short while and going. I find and we find that this between is not just between us, but between and among he and she and us as well, giving a lift and a light and a continuity. There is something more when people meet. It is almost palpable in music and story.

This something inexpressible is perhaps a soup in which we stew and swim, and so it does not come and go, but it is we who close our eyes and minds to it. It is more than a thing: it engages, sometimes you, sometimes me, sometimes he and she. Makes real as it engages. I suspect it is bigger than all that.

But what difference can we make in our lives because of this? We can meet and seek to be met, consciously, on purpose now that we know it. We can seek to be met in a context that engages more of us.

This expresses some of conscious evolution.

:- Doug.

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