Where is the voice needed today?

Where is the voice needed today?

This voice is one of bringing people together. Bringing us to an entirely new way of being in this world: together. Working on the small group level to humanize the world, to bring our resources together to solve the problem of plenty of need and plenty of people to help.

This is perhaps an age-old problem. We cannot know. But we know that we have not brought together people in this way ever before. We are growing physically closer to each other as the globe stays constant in land mass and the population grows and grows. We are seeking each other out in ever increasing groupings, both in size and numbers: families, tribes, settlements, towns, cities, states, nations, leagues and unions and compacts of nations; clubs, town halls, associations regional, national and international. We have always sought to be heard and met and understood; now the world is larger than we can solve by talking to Mommy or Daddy or a council of wise people: we desperately need to bring all our resources of field air and water, of people and perspective, of body and mind and aspiration to bear upon our situation. We are confronted with tangled opportunities which demand distributed brain power from all corners of our world—rich poor black red yellow brown white educated uneducated rural urban powerful powerless religious spiritual humanist agnostic friend foe foreign local expert generalist us them all. We need to work all together.

More importantly we need to dream all together.

:- Doug.

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