We have met the current and it is us

If we see the world as moving, and movings of movings, and bumping and spinning and flowing, it gives a new view on the idea of unfolding: each is unfolding, not something from ages foreordained, but a welling up, and burgeoning out, and we all are part of the flow, and we all affect it. Some affect it by being passively part of the flow, some by being adjectives, some by being verbs, and some by fighting the flow, being disturbances and pillows and vees in the current, hanging up and crashing and diverting others flowing by.

I like to sit in the back of the canoe and steer in subtle ways.

Peter Senge says we do our most effective work by subtly waiting for the right moment when we know what the world needs us to do. And yet I think we need to meet it with our best strokes: when we do not just passively receive, but impart our own little J-stroke nudge on the paddle.

We have met the current and it is us.

:- Doug.

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