Leaning in, making life possible

Leaning in and making life possible for another, for others—to me these are tied together: An inclination to give permission to be, and that be is in changing each other. Changing each other is ontic.

We only know we exist if we change from what we were.

So it seems. Like new physics: we can know the speed, the trajectory and the location of a quantum particle, but never all three at once. We can know the speed, the direction and the location of a person, but not all three at once. Existence is movement. Existence is moving.

Permission to be…making life possible…inclination to change the other…and be changed. Changing is making life possible. Changing is life. To change is to live. To live is to change. To change is to make life possible.

We disturb the soil and new seeds can lodge there, new air and sun infiltrate, new spores alight, roots can stretch farther: voilĂ ! Life!

So this gives me a new way to approach people: with an inclination to change, to make life possible!

:- Doug.

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