G*d-humans: Yes, and

I see Original Life. So it is the All there is and G*d about which I write this morning.

If we are fishers of humankind, we are fishers of G*d. G*d is among us, part of us, like us. The reverse way of saying it is also true: We are among G*d, we are part of G*d, we are like G*d.

So if we see G*d as the all there is, then when we hook a fish we hook G*d. But if we are to hook the heart of G*d we need to hook the heart of the all there is. We can communicate with other humans, so at least we can see the heart of them; this is the way into the rabbit hole for us.

It is a strange world for us, strange yet our heart’s home: We are in the arms of G*d, G*d is personal to us, yet is not any personification.

The real question, for the moment anyway, is what that hyphen means: G*d-humankind. It is a sluiceway. It is intercourse. It is interrelation. It is interplay. It is touching being touched. It is creating. It is whatever is the essence of love. It is coming together and sending out. It is respiration.

If we are fishers of G*d we of necessity are fishers of humankind.

Does G*d stand opposite us? Buber holds Yes. I say Yes and. We are part of G*d. It is impossible for us to be separate as my liver is not separate from me. We are locked together, one dies the other soon thereafter. I can have a relationship to my liver, I can converse with it, but ultimately we are one. Yes and.

We can do our little jobs, cleaning up the trash, getting our share of the food, sheltering ourselves and our children, ignoring, even warring against others who are doing likewise. Or we can fish for G*d in whatever way we find to do so. I AM is the Way. The All There Is. If your hook is an old man with a beard and you relate by feeling guilt, then so be it. There is a freer way, but some want their chains, maybe need them. Did Jesus save me? Yes, he showed me that humans are divine, that G*d is with us, that I am the salt of the earth. Jesus was after freeing us, whole-ing us, getting us busy loving, justice-ing, that is, showing us that we are each part of the All There Is. As parts, so wholes: holograms of G*d.

:- Doug.

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