We are to stir the heart of G*d. Is that a large load?

To our good friends–

There is still something just beyond my words, tickling the edge of my thoughts. This notion of being led, of a benevolent puppet-master god who controls all the actors on the stage, who has so many fingers to control the rocks falling down the mountain and the places where the winds blow, somehow is over-simplistic. The idea that all is woven into something beautiful after the fact is closer to what I am seeing. There is something larger yet. Randomness is permitted, and willful aberrations, and surprises, even to G*d. The OT records instances where G*d’s mind was changed by what the man or woman said or did. There is relationship: G*d is touched, persuaded, changed, by G*d’s creatures, somehow. Yet this is not it fully, either. But it touches a bit of the essence. G*d is touched. G*d wants to be touched.

G*d is weaning us of God. There is a role for dependence; yet also for independence; and now coming for interdependence. Use the metaphor of becoming adult: this is still good. The dependence we need is in the nature of interdependence. We cannot go it alone; neither can we be half people, refusing to shoulder our share of the load. And that share is always larger than we think, heavier than we want.

There is mystery, there is emptiness, there are circles. There are larger wholes beyond the ones we see. We touch and then we know. We grow to someplace G*d had not imagined and we find that G*d was there just ahead of us. We are expected not just to tame the wilderness but even more to make wild the tame. We are to stir the heart of G*d. Is that a large load?

:- Doug.

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