Footprints in the Wind sm # 779

Footprints in the Windsm # 779

Perhaps when we say self organization what we mean is self creation, and this in fact is what people hear—and fear. We might create monsters (monsters there already be). We might create tyrants (Hitler and Saddam). But we might create lovers (Jesus, Mother Teresa, Buddha) as well. If as Blake says we are the divine human, part of the continent and not islands, then we do create. A and B come together to create X. X creates A, B, A and B, and X.

How is this so? Everyone we have ever met is a part of us, has added to or subtracted from us, our essence, our personality, our soul, our spirit, use the word you are comfortable with. We too are a part of them. We also work on the ideas and images we receive and make them into us—so we are creating ourselves. All the time.

As ordinary as all this is, it is also extraordinary and miraculous. That is because we are not mere computers learning to build other computers and ourselves, but we are the wind, able to leap centuries with a single bound, touch hearts a continent away, and be.

Please pass it on.

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