Footprints in the Windsm # 1028–We are the terrorists….

Footprints in the Windsm # 1028

We are the terrorists
We have done this to ourselves
Our police
Our captains, presidents, experts
Our metal detectors and electronic stripping machines
Our airlines, blankets, pillows and policies
Engender and nurse the terror among us
Terror we can see is not in bombs
But is a virus we ourselves give each other

I was reflecting on the decision to ban tailgating at the Super Bowl. I imagine the reason is that it makes it easier for the police to scan the area, patrol it, walk with explosive detecting dogs. But this also makes their job harder: the bombers, if they are there, are forced to be more circumspect. Their actions are more hidden. If they had the relaxation of moving about more freely, they might more easily give themselves away by their actions. Profiling might be easier for the police. Clearing the aisles only makes it easier to do the patrolling that will not catch nor concern those intent on doing harm. It serves most to increase the feeling of terror among us.

And of course there are those who profit by the terror—those who make the metal detectors, train the dogs, plan ways to keep people in orderly lines between the velvet covered chains.

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