We are no better than slaves

We are no better than illiterate if we will not read. We are no better than slaves if we will not use our freedom. Most people only use it to visit friends 3 times a year and go on vacation; most do not even vote.

Few choose to try to change the culture or the system or to fight city hall. Fewer still stand up at church and tell the preacher or the Bishop where change is necessary.

What did freedom mean to people like Washington, Franklin, Edison, and Merton? How did they use it? Do we use it to think? To speak out? To make good things happen? If we do not use our freedom are we free? In what ways do we use our freedom so that our lives are qualitatively different from those who lived in the old USSR, or in Baghdad under Sadam? Are we not careful of what we say, albeit for a different reason, to avoid offending others, or appearing stupid? Do we take risks?

:- Doug.

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