We are G*d, but we are not magicians (any more than G*d is) nor….

We are G*d, but we are not magicians (any more than G*d is) nor puppet masters. We do not walk on water, we do not feed five thousands. Still, we participate. We touch hearts like glasses lifted in celebration, and in that we participate in the heart of G*d. We are of the nature of G*d, spirit, wind, not defined—not limited—by any particular body. Still: quietly. Like a skin laid on the grasses, with and without dew, responding to the breath. We touch the one heart. We embrace. We is G*d. And not all there is of G*d. We participate, we are integral. We are not separate; we are part of the flowing, and even that misses the fact that the flowing is not noun but verb and adjective.

Adjective is to throw to. An adjective gives a picture of a game of toss—throwing to each other to see if we can catch. Also applies to tossing the conversational ball back and forth, seeing where it takes us. The picture is a good one, at least evocative: an adjective throws something new to the noun or other word, adding something to it, affecting it, changing its trajectory! So we participate in G*d by adding or changing the course and the inter-course of the personal: we, me, aimed.

Is this going anywhere new? The all as enfolded wholeness. We participate. We unfold and enfold, flow and particle like splashes in the waves. We clink hearts with one another, and in this is G*d: the we, me, meaning us.

:- Doug.

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