Unknowing going for G*d too

Unknowing going is a necessity: we need G*d the unknown, G*d the transformer. It is not so much that G*d transcends all creation, but that G*d transforms it, meets it, and yes, is transformed by it. For to really meet that person means to put yourself on the line and be willing to accept even crucifixion–death, annihilation, forsakenness–from that meeting. So unknowing going means that it is unknowing going for G*d too. It means that G*d is changed by us, transformed by the meeting. G*d is action, G*d is relation, G*d is the transformer. So we need to go into this meeting, not knowing what people will give us and how we will be changed coming out of it, but knowing that we will surely be changed, we will be crucified, and come out of it a new Christ, leaving the old Jesus behind.

:- Doug.

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