Two valid ways to learn

Life entices, demands that we jump in. Some of us are lost in that instant: we from then on kick and stroke and maybe swim just to stay afloat and to keep afloat those we with whom we have surrounded ourselves.

Maybe we will take a few precious moments to roll over and ponder just what our efforts are about, maybe even the curious fact that without our efforts we float.

And so the decades roll by with swells and whitecaps and we might after a time ponder.

Some do in fact figure it out at the start or early.

These are both valid ways to learn about life and how to live it; people who learn from one direction need not disparage people who have learned from another. And if we want to help people learn, we need to remember there are ways different from our own, from what we like and prefer, ways that for those they fit, are better.

:- Doug.

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