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To our good friends–

Turn me around stuff in Marcus Borg’s The Heart of Christianity, in the chapter I have just finished: the Bible is as much political as it is personal. That explains for me why it often seemed to me that G-d had a large place in his heart for the poor and downtrodden. It is really a matter of love: love all creation, not just the wealthy. Borg carries it further: love all creation, not just human beings. This is important stuff and brings my notions of conversation directly into spirituality. It is the nature of G-d to love all creation: this includes how we work in and love creation ourselves. It is loving all of humanity to involve all in conversation. It is a radical political idea as well: not just the wealthy and the leaders, who are self-perpetuating, but everybody. All have good ideas. All can make change. The powerful are threatened by that notion, for then they might be out. All converse could mean all converse. More likely, though, it will mean all improve.

:- Doug.

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