to transcend your past:

Seeing a new panorama: your conversing partner creates you, as well invents the relating/entity of you both. This is the Barfieldian observation that what is real is neither out there alone, nor in the mind alone, but is a concoction of both—cannot be otherwise. We cannot take in all of the other person, whether what is out there, or what is in there out there. But we can as we go make up ourselves, alone and together.

On top of this we apply the different powers of thinking and conversing: 1. thinking mechanically, 2. reflecting, 3. thinking together, 4. reflecting together, 5. coming together, experiencing some aspect of oneness, 6. doing together, 7. ???

See: together invents. Together gives occasion for newness, a next discontinuous with a past. Together opens way for transcending.

So that: if you want to transcend your past, get together!

:- Doug.

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