To meet is to…

To meet is to drop shields, expose our most vulnerable, tender, growing parts, and to risk mobilizing just these. We may indeed fall and die. We cannot be sure how far those immediately behind us get. But we know that if we did not head in this direction, they might not see this direction at all, would at least be delayed by just the amount of our bodies and blood and muscle and heart, and that by just that much, they have a chance.

Putting this in practice is difficult. No one has done it before, so the doors are not open to us, the paths not paved in advance. We are the ones to thrash off into the jungle, to give one set of footprints that might be a path, to meet the beasts who will confront us, try to kill us, and these beasts might just be us. Others will pave, others will build, others will design; for us to push ahead one or two more steps. And then we die, used up.

:- Doug.

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