This is the turning….

This is the turning you want, Lord, yes?–to turn the heart. It is not a simple matter, or at least not easy. But it is what metanoia is, it is what love is. It is not the simplistic matter that the fundamentalists tout, this being born again: for it requires a death before the resurrection, it requires us to give up something we held on to before, and want, still. Repent, return: what is it? To return to our beginning time? I started to read Genesis in this meditative way and got delightfully lost in the first verse. Now the second verse needs some wandering around within, some turning, some returning to you. The separation of light from dark, the things that are good, and the all that is good. If we live in this beginningness, then we see much of the Bible differently. Perhaps the idea of examen or lectio divina stems from here, or can be informed from here. This is the turning: to return time and again and allow G-d to rebirth you.

:- Doug.

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