This is the root of business

To our good friends–

Like it or not, admit it or not, this is what even business is about: reaching for the reaching back. Make it larger. Wanting to hold my land and all that touches it. It may be mis-apprehended, but it is the base of the greed (greed is daughter to love?!), and of the desire to conquer and subdue (fear is daughter to love? shadow to love?). Apprehension then is a reaching for the reaching back, but often forgets that what is primary is the reach back, not the grasp. We are therefore not even here to serve one another: bedrock is the need to be touched. Are you therefore only touched with the gold of another’s purse, or their being? What do you really need, a mansion or to be respected, apprehended for who you are?

Yes, I am striking at the very base of the tree grafted to the root of modern business. But business could move back to its root and grow stronger on the main stem of that root. What might that be? I do not know; that is for people to grow themselves. What it seems to me is the idea of helping one another on a wide scale: creating wealth and health and prosperity for humanity. This is the root of business: humanity.

:- Doug.

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