This is about bringing together

I have been on the cusp of seeing that I can bring this more into my practice: to get people to engage more, to take a human part, by starting the personal, humanly vulnerable ways. They do not even have to see what I am doing. Perhaps: Here is what I am seeing; Here is what I saw in my life; Here is what I felt (or maybe what I feel, if vulnerable); What are you needing; What can we ask of each one of us?

So the Work can more interweave my work.

Is this deep enough? Nothing is ever deep as it can go, but it is often deep as it will go for now. A better question: does it go in the right direction? Is it an experiment in which I create the space, go live in it, and then study what emerges?

This is about bringing together. We can start with the people who cared enough to show up at the appointment, converse in these steps, show them a way, perhaps even give them the steps for talking with family and friends, getting them started, show them they have just been on the path, they have already started the path.

Because the job is coming together. The legal job and the World Work is coming together.

:- Doug.

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