This is a new demand on our species

We have more problems than we have ever had before and they are more intricately knotted than ever before. The growing sheer number of people in limited space assures us that the knots will get more tangled—and it assures us of more complex mind-capacity we have to dissolve and re-tie the knots. Must we bring more of us to bear on the extinction questions facing us? The answer is obvious. What will we do is the question of the decision-hour for our species. Will we find a way to engage all who care, all whose voices need to be heard? Three billion more souls—and minds—on this planet in the next 40 years is not the problem—it is the opportunity. The danger is, will we kill each other before, will we pollute and infect each other before we find a way to converse together, before we find a way to work for the whole good?

This is a new demand on our species—never before have we faced such a demand to converse and collaborate. This is a now demand—before our chances run out.

:- Doug.

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