This calls not for incremental change but fundamental

If we are to make a change we need to change not just incrementally, but fundamentally. We need to get all the people involved, not just the governments, for the governments are both lacking in power and lacking in will to make the changes. Involving the people calls for a new way to meet.

The work is intricate because the issues are so finely interwoven and tangled. This calls for more brainpower than one president or governor or mayor possesses, more than one congress or parliament possesses. It calls for more innovation than they have the will to pursue.

So we need to get people thinking together—not being spoken at. People need to be not audiences, but active. So we need to meet in ways that puts people face to face, in circles where all are equals, all are respected, all are leaders. We need to birth new approaches, approaches that arise in the middle of group process.

This calls for small group and large group interweaving. This calls for new ways of being with each other.

:- Doug.

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